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New Homes

Building a new home is a process of creation, planning and organizing all in an exact sequence of action. Achieving the desired end result requires three main things:

An Idea for Your Dream Home

This is you — we can make suggestions and help you as much as you would like during the planning process. We believe that the uniqueness of any luxury home comes from the original idea. In building a new home for someone, we feel that it’s important to stay true to what you want.

We believe that this one point is what has given us “the edge” over other builders. Everyone has their unique style of living and it is our goal to provide usable, functional and aesthetic living spaces which are unique to each of our client’s needs and wants.

Planning and Design for a Luxury Home

The Trades people and execution of the project are very important, but without an accurate design and detailed planning work, the project will not come off. Before the detailed construction drawings are done, we want to have:

  • – The floor plan fully determined and approved
  • – Interior and exterior elevations approved and
  • – Architectural elements selected

Project Construction for Custom Homes

We have “been in the trenches” and witnessed many successful and unsuccessful projects. As a professional building contractor we searched for a long time to end up with very
reliable and highly skilled trades people that work with the same purpose of striving for perfection in every home we build.

Completing a project on budget and within schedule is very important.


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